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The ultimate airborne EM system for geological mapping and exploration.

The SPECTREMPLUS system is the most advanced fixed-wing airborne system, collecting high resolution Electromagnetic (EM), Magnetic, and Radiometric data concurrently. In addition, Spectrem can implement other techniques on request. With the highest RMS power in the market and combined with state of the art processing the SPECTREMPLUS system has the ability to simultaneously map both shallow (1-100m) and deep (100-1000m) features with a higher level of resolution than any other comparable system.

Our multiple data sets provide you with integrated 3D solutions for:

  • Geological mapping and mineral exploration
  • Geo-hydrology and geo-engineering
  • Oil and gas

Health and Safety

Spectrem Air is extremely proud of its safety record with no major injury nor any accident recorded in its 35 years of existence.

Who We Are

Get to know us a little better

Spectrem Air pioneered some of the industry’s most significant advances in airborne electromagnetic technology since its original development 35 years ago. Further research and development culminated in the commissioning of the SPECTREMPLUS system, with an ¬†increased RMS dipole moment, allowing for much greater resolution and depth penetration in domains previously considered to be too conductive for effective AEM investigation. With an ongoing commitment to continued improvement, and in collaboration with recognized industry experts Spectrem prides itself on continually advancing the scientific frontier in AEM.

With nearly 2.5  million line kilometers collected over 5 continents, the company remains in the forefront of data acquisition, processing and interpretation. The company is continually looking for new enhancements that will results in better data for the clients. Significant development is being made to the hardware in terms of system geometry as well as the processing software

The company is based at Lanseria International Airport in Johannesburg (South Africa).

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